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What is ?

At First, let us know what the use of IP Gateway is.  First of all, you need to know that the 192.1 68.0.1 is a private IP address. It means that no one else can access this IP outside your private network.You probably know that every single device that’s connected to the internet has an IP address. What you probably don’t know, however, is that not all IP addresses are the same. is a private IP address, similar to or used by many vendors as the default gateway.The IP address is another private IP address widely used by router manufacturers as a default IP for their routers. admin login

Why can’t I access If you cannot access the IP address, first of all you will need to know the IP address of your modem. For the modem interface input, we first need to know the modem IP address. If we do not know the modem IP address, we cannot do anything over the modem. Current modem IP Addresses: – – – vary according to the brand of the modem.The IP address is known as a domain that provides storage on specific topics such as which websites the user enters and what actions he or she enters.

Option 1

Go to the router web interface settings by typing in the browser and set the DHCP range back to 192.168.1.xxx. Refer to your router model’s manual or look at the manufacturers website for more details on how to do this

Option 2

If you are not familiar with setting this up, i would just suggest that you go to the workstations that still has the ip range 192.168.1.xxx and set the network card to obtain IP address automatically. Chances are these were configured for manual IP configuration.

What’s the difference between and

Different routers default to different ranges. If your router is providing DHCP services, it shouldn’t matter. Go to http://whatsmyip.net to see what your external IP address (assigned by your ISP) actually is. The 192.168.xx.xx addresses are an internal subnet.

How to reset my TP-Link router?

Sometimes routers fail. They can be for various reasons, and the result may be a failure of the router, a request for a password, or other failure.

Resetting the settings is helpful in most cases, when problems occur with the operation of the router. Currently, you can select two types of reset settings, software reset and hardware reset.

1) Software reset of router settings

To perform a software reset of the settings, we will need a web-based interface for the Router, for example D-Link, Asus or TP-Link. This is a normal program that is installed on the computer. However, we can control the router. Open the device web interface. The menu on the right (for most programs) has a tab showing settings, tools, or maintenance. On this tab, we are looking for a button where you can reset the router settings to the factory settings. We expect the device to reboot. To obtain access, we use standard data

2) Hardware reset of router settings

This procedure is preferred to reset. So: We find the “reset” button on the router itself (on the back panel). This button is protected from accidental clicks, so we need to make a match. We leave the device on, press the button on the button for 20 seconds and release. If the reset is successful, all bulbs in the router light up for a few seconds, then turn off again.  for detailed information ==> https://ipjix.com/how-to/

How to enter into WiFi router set up page on android phone?

Do you want to enter the interface from your phone to configure modem settings? To do this, type the following IP addresses into your browser’s URL. or

To find out this information, you can also enter the Wi-Fi section of your phone and see the details of the wireless network you are connected to. After typing the IP address in the URL, the interface section of your modem will appear. You need to enter your modem login password here.

What is the password of

From a computer that is connected to the router (wired or wireless), Open your Internet browser and type the IP address of the router in the address bar. The default IP address is At the login, enter the username (admin) and your password (default password is nothing or same as the username: admin).

What does mean?

It means a single host address. That is called CIDR notation. represents the IP and /32 represents the number of bits in the mask.

What are some common default router IP addresses?

The Most common default IP Address for routers is and Below you can find your router’s IP address. Once you know which is your router’s gateway, type it into the address bar. You will then have to introduce your user and password login credentials. If you’re still having issues read our tutorial on how to get a router’s IP address.





How do I find out my router username and password?

You can lookup your router model number and see if it is the default username and password.

If this is an ISP provided modem/router combo then the username/password is often on a sticker underneath it.

If you changed the username/password at one point and now dont know it, then google the model of the router and how to do a factory reset (at which point it will now use the default).

How to find a router login and password?

Every so often one needs to log into their router to rename it or maybe even make some tweaks to the settings. It’s easy enough to with little risk even for novice users. If this is your first time logging into your router, you’ll need the default login and password then visit default ip address

1: Check Your Paperwork

If you saved the box your router came in; odds area unit the manual has your login and word. If you bought your router from your ISP, check the receipt they gave you. typically they need your router word and generally your email word likewise.

2: Check the Back of Your Router

If you are like United States, and the general public, you tossed your original box and work, otherwise you cannot notice your ISP receipt. Frankly, you are happier as it’s easier to run over to your router and appearance on the rear. typically everything you would like is correct here together with the information processing or address aboard the default username and word. Router Passwords is one such web site, though not updated recently, most likely as a result of it’s easier to look for your information processing and log in.

3: Use Google or a Router Password Website

Another good way to seek out your username and word is to Google it. We’ve done this m times. you’ll be able to sometimes notice the data instantly. If for a few reason, that fails, there area unit websites with databases of all recognize default router logins and passwords.

4: Take a Wild guess

Many router names and passwords area unit similar, thus if you’ve got a brand router, you’ll be able to most likely take a guess, and it does not ought to be wild. The default words area unit purposely easy presumptuous you may log in and alter the username and password.

5: Reset Your Router to Default

If you cannot login thanks to a forgotten login or word, you’ll be able to reset your router to manufacturing plant settings, then log in with the default username and word. consider the rear of the router for a little, spherical button that claims reset. typically the button is red or blue. Press and hold the button down for thirty seconds. Now, you’ll be able to use the default login.

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