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How to Learn Your Router IP Address?

To change settings of your router or to configure it, you need to access the router panel; so, you need to know your router IP address. The most commonly used default router IP addresses are,,, or

How to Learn Your Router IP Address?

The IP addresses consist of just the numbers, so the addresses such as 192.168.l.l, 192.168.1.l, 192.168.l.1, 192.168.o.1.1, 192.168.l.2, 192.168.l.254, etc. have incorrect spelling. Also, the IP addresses are in the format of XXX.XXX.XX.X. The addresses such as 19216811, 192168ll, 192168l1, 192168l2, or 192168ll that you encounter in the search results are incorrectly typed but those IP addresses are displayed due to the search density.

You can easily learn the IP address of your router by using a different method.

To do this;

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard,
  • Type “cmd” and press enter,
  • Type ”ipconfig” command in the black window that appears and press enter,
  • The IP number (, etc.) on the line of the default gateway is your IP number to access the router.
  • That’s it 🙂

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