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Router manufacturers such as Belkin, Smc, USRobotics, and Edimax have assigned the IP address of to the routers to access the Admin Panel of their devices. Using this IP address, you can connect to your router’s web interface to make various settings and changes. Some of these settings are below:

  • You can change the admin password of your router
  • You can change the IP address of your router
  • You can change your wireless network name (SSID) and access password
  • You can configure multi-ssid and Wi-Fi for guests
  • You can configure parental controls
  • You can monitor who is connected to your router.
  • You can configure MAC Filtering settings.

Table 1: The most common Usernames and Passwords for the Routers using the IP Address of

  Username  Password

Troubleshooting problems faced while accessing Login Admin

·         Be sure that a sturdy network cable (Cat cable) is connected between the router and your computer.

·         Check the access IP Address for your router. If the default settings of your router have been changed before, your router may be using a different access IP Address. (See the topic titled How to Learn Your Router IP Address?”  for details.)

·         If you cannot access your router using the IP Address of, you can reset your router.

·         Configure your computer to obtain IP Address automatically from your router. The IP address of your computer must match the IP block used by your router.

·         If you cannot access the Admin Panel of your router, you can clear your web browser’s cache and history, or try another web browser.

How to login Belkin Wireless router |

 The Belkin routers use the default IP address of You need to know the admin password to access the admin panel of your router. If you have already changed this password and forgot it, you need to reset your router. (See the topic titled “How to Reset the Router?” for details). Please note that the reset process means that you will lose all the settings you have made before. The admin password and the wireless network password are different passwords. You use a wireless network password to connect to the wireless networks.

How to login Belkin Wireless router-

You can access the Admin Panel of your router by following the steps below.

  • Connect your computer and router using a network cable (cat cable).
  • Type or http://router in the address bar of your web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox Mozilla, Opera, etc.) on your computer and press enter.
  • On the login page, you will be prompted to enter your admin password. If you are accessing this page for the first time, leave the Password field blank. If you have already set a password before, enter your password and press the Submit button.
  • You can change the admin password in Utilities> System settings.
  • If there is no activity on the Admin Panel during the period (10 minutes) in the Login timeout option, you must log in again to continue the process.

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